P.E. Premium

In April 2013, the government announced new funding for every state funded school in the country with primary aged pupils; for physical education and sport, in order to improve the quality and breadth of PE and Sport provision. We call this funding PE Premium.


Schools have been told that they are best placed to decide how to spend the funding to meet the needs of the pupils.


What is currently taking place at Benhurst?

2 hours of physical education per week.

Access to 5–a-day TV within the classroom.

A range of extra curricular sports clubs

Inter school competitions.

Intra school competitions.

Links with secondary school PE departments.


How the PE Premium will be used

Use of funding



To be a member of the Havering Sports Collective


Resources (e.g. 5-a-day) will be implemented by all teachers in lesson times

Benhurst has access and enters a wide range of competitions, ensuring that more children across all year groups are competing competitively in Level 2 competitions.

Use of 16 half days of support to enable children to lead sporting activities and to participate in a variety of sports.


Table tennis tables installed in KS2 playground.


Installed in August 2016.

Children are able to play during break and lunchtime.

Continue to develop a wideer range of sporting opportunties.

Element of competitive sport can be introduced.

Potential opportunity for inter –team competitions during PE lessons.

Table tennis can be added to the PE curriculum as net sport.


Sport4fun to continue to run 3 morning clubs for Y1-6, based on exemplary feedback. 

£30 per hour

There are now more children participating in extracurricular sport than this time last year. All clubs are full.

A wider variety of sports is offered.

Sports4fun are delivering a high quality provision which has increased the number of chidlren representing Benhurst.


Ball Sports Coaching to continue to run C4L morning club 

£30 per hour

Joe Sheehan is familiar with competition rules and guidelines – children are attending competitions better prepared.

Joe team teaches some PE sessions alongside teachers to further support their development.

There are a wider range of children representing Benhurst at different sports, due to clubs being run during school hours.

All competitions are entered with a full squad and we have the potential to enter most with a B team.

Children are familiar with rules and have experience in the sport – Benhurst now have a fair chance of winning competitions. 


Equipment will be updated throughout the year.

As required

All children at Benhurst are taught with the correct equipment.

Total cost



2015-16 PE Premium carry forward



2016-17 PE Premium funding



Remaining balance



Use of the remaining funding


Some morning clubs will continue to be offered free of charge for Benhurst pupils.

We will remain a member of the sporting collective and continue to enter all competitions and receive training.

After several learning conversations, decisions concerning a new PE scheme will be made and this will be rolled out across the whole school in September 2017.

Mr McGill is currently researching the viability of introducing the Daily Mile at Benhurst and once decisions have been made (although this should be able to run free of charge) will make any necessary purchases.


Sporting Achievements for 2016-17

Y2 Primary School Athletics (Winners)

Havering Mixed Tri-Golf (Winners)

Havering Mixed Badminton (Winners)

Havering Boys Kwik Cricket (Winners)

Y3/4 Havering Kwik Cricket (Winners) 

Boys League Football (Joint top of the league)

Havering Tag Rugby Games (Runners up)

Havering Tag Rugby Festival (Runners up)

Y5/6 Quad Kids (Runners up)

Boys Jim Smith Football (Semi Finals)

Havering Girls Kwik Cricket (Semi Finals)

Boys League Football (Quarter finals)

Y3/4 Havering Tennis (3rd and 5th in group stages)  

Y5/6 Primary Sportshall Athletics (8th out of 26)

Y3/4 Primary Sporthall Athletics (14th out of 26)