School Admissions

Admission Arrangements
Information about admission is set out on the LEA's website. This will tell you all you need to know about Admissions. All reception children are admitted during the Autumn (September) term, this giving all children a full three years of infant education.


The LEA oversee all decisions on school admissions. They request that you complete an on-line application at the appropriate time and within the time frame given. This is also available on the link above.


Prospective Parent Tours for 2017-18
These occasions are primarily for new parents (up to 10 per session) to get a feel of the school and to be able to ask questions and we do advise that children do not attend at this stage. Tours usually last for approximately 45 minutes and, where possible are conducted by the Head teacher, Mr Denchfield. In his absence, the Deputy Head teacher, Mrs Hart, will take the tour. Time is allocated at the end of each tour for any general questions. We will also provide the opportunity for prospective parents to meet privately if they have any specific questions or more sensitive questions regarding their child.

Due to the high volume of interest, we are unable to provide individual tours. We recommend you book onto the tours early to ensure you have the most convenient day/time. Please phone the school office to book an appointment (01708 450807).


Tour Dates for 2017-18 
Thursday 21st September at 09:30

Friday 29th September at 14:00

Monday 2nd October at 09:30

Tuesday 10th October at 14:00

Wednesday 1st November at 09:30

Thursday 9th November at 14:00

Friday 17th November at 09:30

Monday 20th November at 14:00

Tuesday 28th November at 09:30

Wednesday 10th January 2018 at 14:00                   



Post Allocation
In April, the LEA informs all parents of the school to which their child has been allocated. They also inform the school which children have been allocated a place. Once the deadline for acceptance of places has passed, we will contact you with details of our own admissions programme.

If you accept the place offered, you will be invited to bring your child to school to experience life at Benhurst before your child actually starts school in September. Often, local playgroups will arrange for the children to visit their school.

New children usually start school a few days after the start of term. A close liaison is kept between the school and local playgroups and we have a thorough and comprehensive introduction for our new children to ensure their start to school life is a success.

If you are new to the area, you should contact General Admissions on 01708 434600 as soon as possible.