Benhurst Primary School
Weekly Overview
Year 1

This page provides parents with an overview of what the children are learning about in Maths and Literacy as well as outlining their current homework.

If there are specific on-going issues with any aspects of your child’s homework, please contact their class teacher directly to discuss the matter further.

May 05 2019
Year 1
Information Texts
Numbers to 100

Reading is fundamental. In fact, it is one of the most important ingredients to becoming all that you can be. Reading develops your brain, provides a window into the world around you and gives you a greater chance to succeed.

Please support your child read by hearing them at least four times a week and completing their Reading Record. Thank you!

Maths Facts tested on: June 19 2019
Group 1

Compare 2-digit numbers.

The children will be given two 2-digit numbers between 1 and 100. They will be asked to compare which is greater or which is smaller.

For example:
48 and 62. Which number is greater?

57 and 29. Which number is smaller?

Group 2

Group 3

Spelling tested on: June 19 2019
Group 1

1. field
2. chief
3. piece
4. thief
5. pie
6. tie
7. cried
8. dried
9. tried
10. fried

Plus tricky words:
house, our, full
Group 2


1. were
2. once
3. ask
4. full
5. there

Group 3

We would like to invite the children to take part in a termly project which they should undertake in addition to their reading and learning their spellings and maths facts.

The children should choose a minimum of one task per section or more if they wish!

Children will be awarded a certificate upon the completion of their project.

Be a writer!
Think of 5 animals that you would have in your own zoo. Write a leaflet to advertise your zoo, including facts about each of the 5 animals that people will get to see there.
Find facts about a country you have not been to before. Pretend you have travelled there and write a postcard to someone you know, telling them what you have seen and experienced.
Write a riddle poem about an animal with the title ‘What am I?’
Give the reader at least 5 clues about the animal. You could even draw a ‘reveal’ picture of the animal underneath your poem for the reader to check the answer!
Be a detective!
Find out about the roles and responsibilities of Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses (either in the UK or another country of your choice). Write a diary entry of a day in the life of a King, Queen, Prince or Princess.
Research animal skins, patterns, furs and textures. Create a mood board or a patchwork picture of different animal skin patterns.
Find out about a castle in the UK. Draw or colour a picture of it and write a fact file.
Get creative!
Make a model of an animal habitat out of a shoe box. For example, an underwater shoebox with a fish inside or a jungle shoe box with a monkey inside.
Create your own model globe, complete with labelled continents and oceans. This can be made out of any materials you like – for example, paper mache balloon, an old football or two paper bowls stuck together.
Create your own crown fit for a King or Queen – the more jewels and details, the better!

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