Benhurst Primary School
Weekly Overview
Year 6

This page provides parents with an overview of what the children are learning about in Maths and Literacy as well as outlining their current homework.

If there are specific on-going issues with any aspects of your child’s homework, please contact their class teacher directly to discuss the matter further.

April 19 2018
Year 6
Who Let the Gods Out?
SATs Revision

Reading is fundamental. In fact, it is one of the most important ingredients to becoming all that you can be. Reading develops your brain, provides a window into the world around you and gives you a greater chance to succeed.

Please support your child read by hearing them at least four times a week and completing their Reading Record. Thank you!

Maths Facts tested on: April 25 2018
Group 1

SATs Revision
Group 2

Group 3

Spelling tested on: April 25 2018
Group 1

1. category
2. competition
3. desperate
4. develop
5. hindrance
6. identity
7. pronunciation
8. correspond
9. vehicle
10. amateur
Group 2

1. shredded
2. thudded
3. skidded
4. strutted
5. knitted
6. admitted
7. committed
8. regretted
9. chatted
10. prodded
Group 3

1. nervous
2. chopped
3. cried
4. carried
5. recovered
6. gripped
7. answered
8. babies
9. carries
10. families

We would like to invite the children to take part in a half termly project which they should undertake in addition to their reading and learning their spellings and maths facts.

The children should choose a minimum of one task per section or more if they wish!

Children will be awarded a certificate upon the completion of their project.

Be a writer!
As the children will be focusing on their SATs preparation, which will require revision at home, we will not be setting writing tasks this half term.

Be a detective!
As a follow up from Greek day, research how democracy was integrated into everyday life in Ancient Greece.
Ahead of the fiver challenge, research small enterprise ideas.
Research and create a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout. You can make your own fitness video if you like!
Get creative!
Build your own 3D model of the Parthenon, or create a Labyrinth.
Create a Greek dish of your choice.

Create your own leavers assembly script or song.

Additional information on our learning this week

The project homework is due on Friday 18th May, but please send it into school if it is completed before this date. Many thanks, Mrs Hart and Miss Bergasse.