How do I know if I am valued at Benhurst Primary School?

The children worked together at Benhurst Primary School to investigate the British Values and how these linked to our values these were our findings.

Collective Points of View













Fair Treatment


Collective Decision Making

  • Everyone has a voice whether they are parents, pupils, governors or teachers.
  • I have the right to choose to stand as a candidate in an election giving a speech which promotes my views.
  • I have the choice to vote or not vote for something e.g. lockers, pens, charities.
  • My views are listened to by my class and I respect the views of others.
  • I understand that when I give my opinion it may not always be agreed with but it will be listened to.  This is preparing me for life.
  • I understand that my vote can influence decision making at Benhurst.
  • I use ‘Thinking Hats’ which allow us to see all sides of the topic and then make our own decision.
  • I have the right to express my opinion even if it is different to other children in the class.
  • Everyone is given the same opportunities e.g. clubs, trips.
  • Everyone takes part in a questionnaire about Benhurst.
  • I can take part in the school ‘Big Debate’.
  • I get to make my own dinner choices.
  • I can choose my friends.
  • All points from our class council are listened to by Pupil Parliament and commented on.
  • I get the opportunity to be a monitor and show responsibility.
  • I get to support different charities that have been selected by the pupils.
  • I get to watch NewsRound where we look at news and then discuss and debate important topics.
  • The Resolution Rangers help don’t take sides and help us by using questions which make us think about how we can make our own choices.
  • I understand the good and bad things that come with democracy as sometimes although we all got a vote, we may not agree with the outcome.  I also know that some countries don’t allow people to vote and dictate instead.
  • I get to take part in School Council which then goes to Pupil Parliament Committees.
  • I get to feedback my views on the work of the Pupil Parliament.
  • I can applying for jobs at Benhurst and know that everyone gets the same opportunity e.g. library positions
  • I know that Pupil Parliament has its own budget and is able to genuinely effect change within the school.
  • I know that all minutes are on the website and assemblies are carried out to inform/update the school on what has been happening as a result of our input.



Respect for Others



Being Polite




Kind Words


Turn Taking



Kind Deeds




  • I get to experience visits from different people in power e.g. the Police, Fire Brigade, Mayor Visit.  I understand that they have laws to follow and are also responsible for their own behaviour as they must set the example for others to follow.
  • I know that we are all treated equally and fairly in rewards and consequences. 
  • I understand why we are taught the value and reasons behind the laws that govern and protect us, the responsibilities that this involves and the consequences when they are broken.
  • I can explain why we are polite and share with each other as we want to treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • I support and cheers on other teams when they win.
  • People are kind to me and help me in class and in the playground.
  • I know that ‘Only my best is good enough for me!’
  • I know that we write out class rules together so that we own them as a class helping us to follow them.
  • I can explain why our Core values are important for me and Benhurst.
  • I know that we have playground rules, golden rules, classroom rules and traffic lights so that we are all treated fairly and kept safe.
  • I know what is expected of me as there is a Code of Conduct in my planners for school, pupils and parents to follow.
  • I understand what is right and wrong and know how this fits in England with the laws and police to protect us.  I understand why there are consequences for unacceptable behaviour.
  • I understand why we must use our emergency services respectfully and responsibly e.g. calling 999.



Freedom of Movement


Express Opinion

Safe Boundaries










Freedom of Choice

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Speech

Civil Liberties

  • I have been taught to have courage in my learning so that I try new things, take on challenges and learn from my mistakes.  I know that it isn’t failing but learning something new.
  • I am encouraged to be an individual and celebrate who I am.
  • I am encouraged to make choices and be responsible for them.
  • I have the freedom to choose with whom I want to be friends and how to spend my time
  • I know I can express myself without being judged.
  • I have been taught how to keep myself safe on the internet so that I can use it freely.
  • I can decide which clubs I want to join.
  • I have been taught why I should appreciate the opportunities that I have open to me compared with other places in England and around the world.
  • I know that I am in a safe and supportive environment.
  • I know why there are boundaries set in which I can make choices.
  • I am free to give my opinion in things like the ‘Big Debate’.
  • I know that I should never give up on what I believe in.
  • I have the courage to be an individual.
  • I have opportunities open to me and I can choose what I do with them.
  • I use my skills and adapt them to other circumstances where I need to apply them
  • I will keep trying and know that I will get there.
  • I’ll do my best as only my best is good enough for me.
  • I have courage and belief in myself.
  • I enjoy doing things that I’ve never done before.



Treat Others as you Would Like to be Treated




State Law


Religious Laws













  • I know and understand why I need to treat others as I would like to be treated.
  • I have learnt that my behaviour has an impact on my own rights and those of others.
  • I know that I like everyone no matter who they are.
  • I know that I can voice and discuss my beliefs in a safe environment.
  • I accept and understand that other people have different faiths and beliefs and should all be treated and protected the same.
  • I know that people will listen to my answers and opinions and that they are valued.
  • I know that everyone is treated the same.
  • I have the opportunity in assembly and class to share who I am.
  • I know that members of different faiths are encouraged to share their knowledge and enhance my learning within the class and school.
  • My achievements in and out of school are celebrated in assembly and on Twitter.
  • I understand that our Core Values support and unite us as a school.
  • I get to find out and experience different countries during cultural week.
  • I get to experience other religions by visiting other religious buildings.
  • I enjoy learning about my own beliefs and those of others.
  • I understand how by supporting a charity event I can contribute positively to the lives of others.
  • I understand why it important to be respectful of others and how to demonstrate this.


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