The LIFE Education Trust

As many of you will be aware, The Department for Education recently issued ‘Educational Excellence Everywhere’ – a document which provides a clear view about the direction of education over the next few years.


The document outlines a number of significant proposals and changes to education and includes details of schools converting to academies. The proposal suggests that, ‘By the end of 2020, all schools will be academies or in the process of becoming academies. By the end of 2022, local authorities will no longer maintain schools.’


Whilst this is not yet legislation and continues to be discussed in Parliament and through educational forums, it is widely recognised that the conversion of schools to academy status is the preferred and likely policy of this government. The governing body at Benhurst has recognised this for some time and has been thoroughly researching the best option for our school which will allow us to continue to grow and develop as we have over the last 2 ½ years.


Following extensive research which included meetings with the Department for Education, an existing multi academy chain, individual primary and secondary local schools and the Local Authority, the governing body voted unanimously to convert to an academy. Benhurst is becoming increasingly recognised for being a forward-thinking school and this decision is no different. The proactive approach we have taken has presented us with an exciting new venture; not only will Benhurst become an academy but will be joining a brand new multi-academy trust called The LIFE (Learning Is For Everyone) Education Trust. This will provide a unique opportunity for Benhurst to be part of the development of the trust as we will be a founding school in partnership with Frances Bardsley.


On 1st October 2016, Benhurst converted to an academy and is proud to be part of The LIFE Education Trust. 


To find out more about The LIFE Education Trust, visit their website for more information.