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At Benhurst, we are committed to supporting and improving the wellbeing of our pupils and employees. We understand that our children face challenge in daily life and can experience difficulty in dealing with their emotions.  We recognise the importance of positive mental health on not only the happiness and quality of life of our children, but also on their academic growth and progress.  Mental health is everybody’s responsibility and we all have an important role to play.

In the wider school environment, we promote a mentally healthy school through a positive and caring ethos built around our Core Values, emotional coaching and restorative approach to behaviour.

To find out more about Emotional Coaching and wellbeing support, please visit

For focussed wellbeing support, Unlocking Potential provide a multi-disciplinary service that is integrated within our school pastoral system. The Unlocking Potential Team assess identified pupil’s levels of need and formulate a targeted intervention plan. For more information about Unlocking Potential’s Schools Programme, please visit