Pupil Premium is a government scheme designed to support children from lower income families in order to provide them with the best possible start to their education. We believe there are many families in our school community who are eligible but have not registered and we would like to help! Pupils who are eligible are able to receive free school lunches (worth over £400 per year) and can receive financial assistance from the school for uniform, school trips/residentials and school clubs. This would greatly enhance the opportunities available for your child and significantly reduce the financial burden placed on parents.

All information concerning Pupil Premium children is treated confidentially and does not affect any benefits currently being claimed. The children are not made aware of this grant and is strictly between the school. and their families.

Phone (01708 433929) to see if you are eligible for Pupil Premium funding. The only information required is your National Insurance number, your date of birth and surname. We are very happy to check this on your behalf. Please email Mrs Kaur with the information who will confidentially check on your behalf. (office@benhurst.havering.sch.uk).

Click here for an online way to enquire if you are eligible for Pupil Premium funding.

Click here to read this year’s Pupil Premium report and how the funding was allocated.

Click here to read last year’s Pupil Premium report which outlines how the funding was spent and the impact. 

Click here for more information about Pupil Premium funding and accountability from the Department for Education.

Click here to read the Pupil Premium Policy.

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