School Uniform
White polo shirt
Black trousers Black skirt or pinafore Black skort
Bottle green sweatshirt with logo Bottle green cardigan with logo
Black or white socks Black tights
Black leather type shoes (not trainers)
Green and white checked dress Black shorts Black trousers Black skirt or pinafore Black skort
White socks with the summer dress Black socks (if not wearing a summer dress)
Black leather type shoes (not trainers)
PE Kit
 Bottle green Shorts Round-necked plain white t-shirt with logo Black plimsols or plain black trainers Black tracksuit bottoms & black sweatshirt

Shoes: They must have flat or very low heels and be securely fastened.  Please note that boots, plimsols, trainers are not acceptable for everyday wear.

Jewellery:  Jewellery is limited to wearing a wrist watch (analogue) and one small, gold or silver stud per ear.  Only one set of earrings should be worn.  Jewellery will need to be removed for PE and clubs.

Make Up: No make-up or nail varnish is permitted.

Hair: Long hair needs to be tied back, please note this applies to boys and girls.

Hats: Please provide a sunhat in hot sunny weather.

Sunscreen: Please apply to your child during hot weather.

Head Wear: Scarfs, in school colour are permissible but religious items, such as hijabs, should only be worn by those of that faith.

A copy of our uniform policy can be found on the policies page. 

Uniform may be purchased in three ways: 

1) Directly from Havering Schoolwear, 160-162 Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch, Essex. RM11 1QH  or via their website

2) Directly from My Clothing

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