School Uniform

The children at Benhurst wear their uniform with pride and distinction. We believe our uniform policy:

helps to foster positive attitudes and high standards;

helps our pupils develop and identify a sense of belonging to the whole school community;

ensures all children are seen as equal, in dress at least, regardless of individual families’ financial circumstances;

enhances our security. The wearing of the school uniform enables staff to readily recognise our pupils, especially when pupils are out of the school during educational visits or otherwise representing the school at events;

assures both parents and teaching staff that the child is wearing clothes that are suitable for work in the school, thus removing any potential problems that changes in fashion could bring about;

encourages every child to take pride in his/her appearance and of Benhurst Primary School;

enables the local community of elm park and Hornchurch to readily identify and associate with our successful school;

is in keeping with the school’s ethos, the wearing of the school’s smart and practical uniform is an integral part in reflecting the school’s high standards and consistent approach to the delivery of sound, educational values.

A copy of our uniform policy can be found on the policies page. 

Uniform may be purchased in three ways: 

1) Directly from Havering Schoolwear, 160-162 Hornchurch Road, Hornchurch, Essex. RM11 1QH  or via their website

2) Directly from My Clothing

3) TopNotch Uniforms Telephone number (call, text or WhatsApp): 07306 808029 Email:

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