2021/2022 Staff

Ms A. Larkman Headteacher
Mrs K. HartDeputy Headteacher
Mrs K. Garratty Assistant Head teacher (Wed, Thur, Fri)
Mrs K. Loyns Assistant Headteacher/SENDCo (Mon, Tue, Wed)
Miss H. Thorpe RT – EYFS Leader
Mrs K. Garratty/Mrs S. O’Sullivan RGO
Mrs S. McCarthy 1Mc – Year Group Leader
Miss L. Montgomery 1M
Mrs S. Hillyer 2H – Year Group Leader
Miss S. Beach 2B
Miss M. Britton 3B – Year Group Leader
Miss E. Pattison 3P
Miss J. Bergasse 4B – Year Group Leader
Miss S. Engstrom 4E
Miss H. Graves 5G – Year Group Leader
Miss C. Gregory 5GY
Mr G. Light 6L – Year Group Leader
Miss L. Charalambous 6C
Mrs L. Bishop Various classes (PPA and cover)
Mrs L. Edgeler Various classes (PPA and cover)
Mrs P. Kehoe Various classes (PPA and cover)
Mrs H. Whitehead Various classes (PPA and cover)
Mr D. Batt HLTA (Various classes PPA and Cover)
Mrs A. Smith TA – YR
Miss S. Kempster HLTA – YR
Mrs E. Willis HLTA – Y1 (Tue, Wed, Thur)
Mrs S. Doyle TA -Y1
Miss G. Callan TA – Y1
Mrs S. Bush TA – Y2
Mrs S. Newman TA – Y2
Mrs J. Jones TA – Y3
Mrs J. Kotschy TA -Y4
Mrs C. Haskew HLTA – Y5
Mrs C. Sheehan TA – Y6
Mrs R. Cooper TA – Y6
Mrs T. Evans Special Needs Assistant
Miss D. Snow Special Needs Assistant
Mrs K. Wright Special Needs Assistant
Mrs K. Baines Special Needs Assistant
Mrs G.  Bastin Pupil Admissions & Attendance Officer
Mrs E. Halls Office Manager
Mrs T. Hatton Administrative Assistant
Mr D. Keeley Curriculum Support Assistant
Mr K. Bains Site Manager
Mrs D. Regan Cleaner
Mrs H. Evans Cleaner
Mrs A. Harlen Cleaner
Mrs L. Joseph Relief Cleaner
Mrs C. Maney Senior Mid-Day Assistant
Mrs L. Gibson Mid-Day Assistant
Mrs H. Evans Mid-Day Assistant
Mrs A. Harlen Mid-Day Assistant
Mrs L. Joseph Mid-Day Assistant
Mrs S. Roe Mid-Day Assistant
Mrs D. Regan Mid-Day Assistant
Mrs S. Litwin Mid-Day Assistant
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