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Year 2 Curriculum

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At Benhurst, we follow the DfES ‘Letters and Sounds’ Scheme across YR and KS1. To support our delivery of this scheme, we use RWI phonic cards and rhymes within our lessons.

Year R follow Phase 1 – Phase 4 across the school year.  During our daily phonics lessons, children play listening games, learn to read and write the initial sounds of the alphabet and common diagraphs.  Children have the opportunity to practise these skills during their independently learning and play.

During Year 1, children recap Phase 4.  Following that, children follow Phase 5 where they learn the alternative sounds that different letter make.  At the end of Year 1, children complete the Phonics Screening Check to assess their phonic understanding.  During Year 2, children recap Phase 5 during the Autumn Term.  From Spring Term, children cover Phase 6 where they learn and apply spelling rules.

These skills are taught in a range of ways including online games, games, whiteboard work, paired activities, reading activities and writing activities.

Below are some links you can use to support your child’s phonetic understanding.

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